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Are you making money wholesaling Real Estate? Do you regularly make assignment fees of $10k to $50k (AND MORE) per deal? Would you like to be? Join America’s #1 Real Estate Wholesaling coach, Tom Krol along with 7 Figure Wholesaler, Cody Hofhine as they lead you by the hand to help you CRUSH your income goals! This Podcast is NOT about theory, stories or fluff. It’s all about taking MASSIVE action and following instruction rather than more education (most people get stuck in “education mode”). This Podcast will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard before! Each episode is JAM PACKED with “step by step instruction” so you can literally duplicate the success of our guests and go out there and start making money TODAY in wholesaling. In every episode, we put our guests in the hot seat and deep dive a recent deal they’ve made…and do it all in LESS than 20 minutes!! Specific details include: EXACT marketing methods used to find properties (direct mail, PPC, Bandit signs, etc), techniques for buying and selling the deals, next level closing strategies, and even the exact dollar amount made on the deal! Bam!! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned wholesaler, if you’ve ever thought about starting (or exploding) a wholesaling business, you’re in the right place. Come be a fly on the wall and listen in on these conversations as our guest’s spill their guts. It could be the only Podcast you ever need to listen to.
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Wholesaling Inc by Investor Grit | Make a Fortune in Real Estate Wholesaling Today! Bam!



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Sep 24, 2018

If you think you need to strike out on your own to succeed in wholesaling, think again! In today’s episode, Cody talked to a rockstar couple who are absolutely killing it in the wholesaling world.

Brian and Misty Pistone joined the tribe in December of 2017. They sent out their first mailings in February of 2018 and have closed 3 deals since then (and have another one in the pipeline). They earned a total of $14, 000 from the first two deals and a whopping $27, 300 on the third!

While their success can be attributed to a lot of factors (expert mentors, right mindset, etc.), it was their persistence and consistency that has helped them earn their biggest pay check yet.

If you and your significant other would like to give wholesaling a try, consider listening to today’s episode a huge step in the right direction!


Sep 20, 2018

Do you want to earn money, have freedom, and help people while you’re at it? Our guest on this episode can attest you can make all three happen at the same time. How? Through wholesaling!

Phillip Villegas has been working in the insurance industry since 1999. The doting husband and dad from Austin, Texas discovered wholesaling by chance and decided to give it a try.

While his first attempt wasn’t really a complete success, things took a turn for the better after he enrolled in the TTP (Talk To People) program.

In this episode, you’ll learn how the TTP program helped him find his first deal, what the process was like for him, and how he successfully closed the deal, among many others.

If you’re considering doing wholesaling on the side for the time being and would like to know how you can benefit from the TTP program, this episode is perfect for you!


Sep 17, 2018

Taking into account how Gabriel Negrete created a win-win situation out of his first wholesaling deal, you never would have guessed he failed at it the first time around.

Gabriel tried wholesaling a few years ago. After his first attempt didn’t go well, he decided to just throw in the towel and shifted his focus to acquiring rental properties. However, wholesaling caught his attention again a few years later so he decided to give it another go.

This time around, he was able to close a deal just a few months after becoming a tribe member. Not only that, he was also able to create a win-win situation, one that’s not only beneficial for him but for the seller as well.

So what was it that he did right this time around? For starters, becoming part of the tribe gave him access to the right mentors and resources so he stays on track. In addition, he was willing to go the extra mile, making sure he’s able to provide exceptional help and value to the homeowner.

If you want to listen to a steadfast rhino and a true go-giver, this episode is exactly what you need to hear!



Sep 13, 2018

People who have done countless wholesaling deals know all too well not all transactions will turn out the way you want it. However, as long as you stay steadfast and bold, you’ll be able to eventually make things work out in your favor. The wholesaling story of our guest today is a testament to this.

Colin King’s wholesaling journey has not been picture-perfect. While he made a whopping $39, 000 on his first wholesaling deal, he encountered a few hiccups and challenges along the way. However, he didn’t let those setbacks throw him off. Instead he stayed determined, learned from his mistakes, and eventually found the wholesaling success he was looking for.

If your wholesaling journey has been less than ideal, make sure you listen to this episode. You just might find the inspiration you need to also create your own wholesaling success story.


Sep 10, 2018

Many wholesalers (rockstars and newbies alike) agree on one thing: while wholesaling can be highly lucrative, it’s always not a walk in the park. Sure, you will have countless moments of triumph. However, there will also be frustrating times where you'll feel like you just can’t get things right.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t fail at wholesaling because you lack the will, the effort, or the desire. So what exactly do you need to work on? That’s what this episode’s guest is here for—provide expert guidance so you can clearly identify whatever it is that’s holding you back and give you actionable steps so you can effectively overcome it.

In this special episode, Tom talks to Patrick Precourt. Patrick is brilliant entrepreneur and an industry leader in sales and leadership, marketing, coaching, and business development. He is also Tom’s trusted mentor.

If you’re looking for expert advice, tips, wisdom, and insights on how you can bridge the gap between where your wholesaling business is right now and where you want to take it, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!



Sep 6, 2018

If you’re looking for inspiration to start (or continue) your wholesaling journey, the story of this episode’s guest is exactly what you need to hear.

Giovanni Morado is a rockstar rhino who’s undoubtedly making a killing in the wholesaling space. Currently managing a team of 16 people (and growing), he closes as many as 17 deals and $180, 000 in escrow. And that’s just in a month!

However, his wholesaling journey has not always been easy. At one point, he had to crash a friend’s couch just so he could continue to pursue his wholesaling dreams.

So if you’re ready to throw in the towel, don’t do it just yet until you’ve listened to this episode. It just might give you the wisdom, guidance, and inspiration you need to take your wholesaling business to the next level!


Sep 3, 2018

Today's episode is a little bit different. Instead of bringing in a student, we invited the private money authority.

This individual is super successful in raising capital and he also lends money to plenty of people to do a lot of deals.

In this episode, we have Jay Conner from North Carolina. He has been doing private money for 15 years now. Jay will help us breakdown on when is a good fit to have a private money, when should you use it, how do you use it, how do you obtain it and many more.


Aug 30, 2018

Have you at one time wondered what people who are making a killing in wholesaling are doing right? Are they just lucky? Or do they have special skills and abilities others don’t have? Now you won’t have to wonder anymore.

In today’s special episode, TTP (Talk to People) guru and superstar wholesaler Brent Daniels will shed light on the subject by sharing 6 key skills many superstar wholesalers share.

Get a pen and paper handy, take down notes, and be prepared to take the wholesaling world by storm!


Aug 27, 2018

In today’s episode, we’ll dissect a subject that’s often discussed in forums, FB pages, and on many social media platforms—how to build a good cash buyer’s list.

This episode’s special guest is Ross Denman, a business developer who has also been an investor for 9 years now. Aside from his impressive portfolio, he has done some rehabs, a little wholesaling, and owns a few rentals.

If you are still in the process of building your buyer’s list, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss. From the conversation, you just might discover the missing link that’s going to take your wholesaling business to the next level!


Aug 23, 2018

While working as a real estate agent has its perks, it can also be very demanding. Not only that, it can sometimes compromise both personal and family time. Just go ask Kyle Wigley.

Kyle got into real estate the month after he graduated from high school. After working as a real estate agent for 11 long years, he just woke up one day realising he’s sacrificing a little too much for the job.

Fortunately, he discovered there is a better way. And that better way is called wholesaling.

In his first year of wholesaling alone, Kyle closed 9 deals and earned a total of $70, 000 in net profit. Since then, he’s been making a killing in wholesaling and aims to earn a whopping $800, 000 in net revenue this year.

If you think you need to be a real estate agent to thrive in the wholesaling space, think again. Kyle didn’t know anything about wholesaling when he first started. However, with creativity, hard work, and passion he was able to make things happen.

If you’re looking for powerful wholesaling guidance, tips, and wisdom, consider this episode a must listen!


Aug 20, 2018

If you’re a new listener to the podcast, it is likely that the amazing things you’ve heard about wholesaling has brought you here. In addition, it is also highly likely that you’re here to check for yourself if all of the amazing things you’ve heard about are true.

Fortunately for you, the phenomenal story of our guest today is the exact proof you need to turn you into a complete believer.

Ryan Johnson is a full-time music pastor from Dallas, Texas. The loving husband and doting father of 3 was into buying rental properties before deciding to do wholesaling on the side. The impressive numbers prove he did the right thing—3 deals in just 6 months and a staggering gross profit of $158, 000!

What’s even better though is there is a way for you to duplicate the success he is enjoying. Listen in as Ryan breaks down from start to finish how he pulled off a feat as epic. So many mind-blowing wisdom, insights, and gold nuggets in this episode, you better have a pen and paper handy!


Aug 16, 2018

In today’s episode, we catch up with one of our rockstar rhinos and find out how he’s doing after taking a leap of faith.

Gabe Monroy quit his job as a fireman to focus on wholesaling full-time. The humble rhino who loves to serve people definitely made the right decision as he was not only able to close a lot of deals, he was also able to earn quadruple of what he used to working a 9 - 5 job.

If you have plans of quitting your job and going into wholesaling full-time, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss. Gabe will not only share how he makes a killing in wholesaling, he’ll also demonstrate the power of one key element many people tend to overlook—consistent follow-ups.


Aug 13, 2018

Do you think you have to be a certain age to get into wholesaling? Or that you need to know everything about it first before you can give it a try? The journey of today’s guest will prove that when it comes to this lucrative industry, age and experience are never prerequisites for wholesaling success.

Dan Grishko is an inspirational young man from Spokane, Washington. Just like most people, he started with zero knowledge about wholesaling. What he knew for sure though was it can help him buy his freedom, it gives him an opportunity to help other people, and it allows him to provide value to the community. So of course, he decided to give it a try.

Fast-forward a year and 3 months and he now has a thriving wholesaling business. If you are looking for inspiration and motivation to finally start your very own wholesaling journey, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss. Who knows, yours might just be another wholesaling success story just waiting to happen!


Aug 9, 2018

Did you invest the money you earned from your first wholesaling deal into marketing or did you choose to take it easy and go on a vacation? If you did the latter, then you have something in common with today’s guest.

Brittany Thomson is a driven wholesaler from Birmingham, Alabama. The doting mother of 3 closed her first deal way back 2015 but she didn’t know any better about wholesaling back then.

Fortunately, she learned from her mistakes, invested in the TTP program, and is now looking to dominate.

If you are wondering how the TTP program can help you or if you are looking for guidance on how you should move forward after closing your first deal, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!


Aug 6, 2018

Chad Spoolman is a new rhino who has achieved something many wholesaling neophytes aspire for—he closed his first deal just 6 weeks in!

The native from Minneapolis, Minnesota planned his transition to wholesaling full-time for a year and undoubtedly it’s one of the best decisions he has ever made. However, just like most wholesaling newbies, he started not knowing anything about wholesaling. At one point he even felt like it was too good to be true.

What set him apart though is once he figured the whole thing out, he had the confidence he can do it and he threw creativity in the mix.

If you’re a newbie looking for your first deal or someone who would like to leave the 9 - 5 and give wholesaling a try, this episode is for you. It’s full of amazing wisdom and insights and it will inspire you to think outside the box so don’t miss it!


Aug 2, 2018

Today, we talk with someone who’s a force to be reckoned with in the wholesaling world. Grossing over a million dollars annually, there’s no denying Max Maxwell is absolutely killing it!

However, the driven entrepreneur is no real estate royalty. In fact, he started not knowing anything about real estate. He was however, not afraid to take massive imperfect actions and fail his way forward and that has made a world of difference for him.

If you think you need to wait until you figure everything out before making your move, think again. Max’s wholesaling journey is robust proof you don’t have to know everything about wholesaling to dominate it. You just need to make the first move and take it from there!


Jul 30, 2018

Today’s guest has only been wholesaling part-time. However, it has not hindered him from closing 8 deals (and a 9th one in the works) and earning a total of $44, 200 in assignment fees!

Omar Messallam is a tenacious and proactive rhino from Norfolk, Virginia. He joined the tribe just December of 2017 but he’s already closing one deal after another and shows no signs of slowing down.

If you are wondering if you can earn a lucrative income even if you’ll just wholesale on the side, wonder no more. Omar’s story is a testament that it is possible as long as you stay proactive and consistent!


Jul 26, 2018

If you’re new to the wholesaling world, it is likely that you’re still looking for ways to earn a decent (if not massive) income. Our two guests today were in the same boat until they discovered something that helped them earn six figures in just eight months—talking to people.

Justin Peters and Zac Fisher are two rhinos who are dominating the competitive Dallas Fort Worth market. They decided to give wholesaling a try November of 2017. However, it was not until they joined the TTP program that they started to see the results they were looking for.

If you are considering joining the TTP program, you definitely need to tune in. Find out how it can revolutionise the way you do business and how you can emulate the success they are enjoying.


Jul 23, 2018

While there are plenty of other options available for those who would like to escape their 9 to 5 jobs, only very few have proven to be as lucrative as wholesaling. And this is something our guest in this episode can definitely attest to.

Mike Whitehead closed his first deal in 2013 after completing a real estate education program. He earned roughly $30, 000 from the deal and got hooked since then. However, it was only after hearing Tom on BiggerPockets (and listening to every Wholesaling Inc. podcast) that he decided to give wholesaling a try.

If you think you need extensive experience to find and close wholesaling deals, make sure you don’t miss this episode. Mike’s story will not only prove you wrong, it might even inspire you to try wholesaling for yourself!


Jul 19, 2018

In this episode, Brent interviewed Grant Galloway, an incredible rhino from Orlando, Florida. A licensed contractor, Grant is not exactly new to the real estate space (he was mostly involved in fix and flips). However, when he discovered wholesaling and how easy it is to do, he got hooked and has never looked back.

Today, Grant credits most of his wholesaling success to one thing—talking to people. In fact, he earned a whopping $82,000 revenue in a month, all of them Talk to People (TTP ) deals!

If you’re wondering if the TTP program would be a good fit for you, then don’t forget to tune in to this episode. You’ll not only learn TTP basics, you’ll also know how to make it work for you!


Jul 16, 2018

Many licensed real estate agents share the same goals—they’d like to own properties, take advantage of appreciation, and put together awesome deals. Rockstar rhino and TTP guru Brent Daniels is no different.

However, after a decade of doing traditional real estate work, he realised he’s earning money at the expense of his freedom. Fortunately, he found out he has a much better and more lucrative option—wholesaling.

Simply put, wholesaling is the art of finding the most discounted properties in the marketplace. However, if you dig deeper, it’s actually more than that.

More than anything, wholesaling is all about providing value. And as long as you are providing value, your income can go through the roof and more opportunities can open for you.

If you are considering giving wholesaling a try, this episode is for you. Find out why it’s a better, easier, and more profitable option than doing traditional real estate work, discover the enticing benefits you stand to gain, and the effective method you can use to get your wholesaling efforts off to a good start.

Today’s episode is packed with amazing tips, insights, and wisdom so you better have a pen and paper handy!


Jul 12, 2018

Seasoned and neophyte wholesalers will surely agree on one thing—honesty and building rapport can get you far in the wholesaling world. And Stephen Akindona’s wholesaling journey is a testament to this.

Stephen has been involved in the real estate space for over 4 years now. However, it was only recently that he joined the tribe and tried wholesaling. Barely 2 months in, he’s already achieved something truly impressive—he has closed 6 wholesale deals and earned a total of $54, 000 in assignment fees!

While his success can be attributed to several factors, he’s been doing two things consistently: he builds rapport and is always upfront.

Regardless if you’re looking for your first deal or your nth one, you’ll surely benefit from the wisdom and insights shared in today’s episode. Plenty of gold nuggets and actionable tips to take note of so don’t miss it!


Jul 9, 2018

If you are new to the wholesaling business, it is likely that you have some misconceptions about it just like most people. For instance, some think they need to be a certain age or have to be well versed in real estate to succeed.

If anything, nothing can be farther from truth. And the wholesaling story of today’s guest is a testament to that.

Jordan Fenlason is a young entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina. The driven 19-year-old saw how real estate has given his dad not just passive income but also freedom to spend quality time with his family. He wanted to create the same reality for himself and that’s how he got into wholesaling.

If you want to try wholesaling but consider your age or lack of experience a hindrance, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode. Jordan was young and inexperienced when he first started but he was willing to talk to people and put in the hard work. And that has made a world of difference for him and his business!


Jul 5, 2018

In the real estate world, today’s special guest is in a league of his own. Some of his real estate accomplishments have been really impressive—he acquires 150 properties each year and has made a staggering $20M in sales off MLS. And that’s just for starters.

Nathan Brooks is a licensed realtor and a seasoned real estate investor with more than a decade of buying, selling, rehabbing, flipping, and real estate renting under his belt. The loving husband and doting dad is also the principal and partner of Kansas City’s leading turnkey real estate provider, Bridge Equity.

In today’s episode, he candidly shared wisdom, techniques, tips, and insights that have helped him dominate and thrive in an industry that’s exciting, volatile, and highly lucrative.

So have a pen and paper handy, get those distractions out of the way, and pay close attention. The information, knowledge, and inspiration you’ll get might just be what you need to propel your business to greater heights!


Jul 2, 2018

In today’s special episode, Brent Daniels interviewed Israel Ramirez, one of the youngest and most inspiring wholesalers in the industry.

While he’s only 20 years old, Israel already runs a lucrative wholesaling business—he has a cold caller, 2 acquisition guys, and a VA working for him. So far, he has already earned above a hundred grand in revenues with a whopping $130, 000 more in the pipeline. Talk about impressive and inspirational!

It is reassuring to know Israel started his wholesaling journey just like most people did. He didn’t have much growing up and he was hungry both literally and figuratively. He figured wholesaling can help him become financially independent. However, he also knew that for him to succeeed, he had to hustle. He also knew that he needs to be creative and focused and persistent.

If you are going through some tough times, if you’re in a place where you’re doubting yourself, or if your faith is currently shaky at best, today’s episode is for you. Israel’s story will teach you how his persistence, hustle, and focus helped him transcend seemingly insurmountable challenges. Who knows, it just might be the push you need to take your wholesaling business a notch higher!


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