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Are you making money wholesaling Real Estate? Do you regularly make assignment fees of $10k to $50k (AND MORE) per deal? Would you like to be? Join America’s #1 Real Estate Wholesaling coach, Tom Krol along with 7 Figure Wholesaler, Cody Hofhine as they lead you by the hand to help you CRUSH your income goals! This Podcast is NOT about theory, stories or fluff. It’s all about taking MASSIVE action and following instruction rather than more education (most people get stuck in “education mode”). This Podcast will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard before! Each episode is JAM PACKED with “step by step instruction” so you can literally duplicate the success of our guests and go out there and start making money TODAY in wholesaling. In every episode, we put our guests in the hot seat and deep dive a recent deal they’ve made…and do it all in LESS than 20 minutes!! Specific details include: EXACT marketing methods used to find properties (direct mail, PPC, Bandit signs, etc), techniques for buying and selling the deals, next level closing strategies, and even the exact dollar amount made on the deal! Bam!! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned wholesaler, if you’ve ever thought about starting (or exploding) a wholesaling business, you’re in the right place. Come be a fly on the wall and listen in on these conversations as our guest’s spill their guts. It could be the only Podcast you ever need to listen to.
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Wholesaling Inc by Investor Grit | Make a Fortune in Real Estate Wholesaling Today! Bam!



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Jul 16, 2018

Many licensed real estate agents share the same goals—they’d like to own properties, take advantage of appreciation, and put together awesome deals. Rockstar rhino and TTP guru Brent Daniels is no different.

However, after a decade of doing traditional real estate work, he realised he’s earning money at the expense of his freedom. Fortunately, he found out he has a much better and more lucrative option—wholesaling.

Simply put, wholesaling is the art of finding the most discounted properties in the marketplace. However, if you dig deeper, it’s actually more than that.

More than anything, wholesaling is all about providing value. And as long as you are providing value, your income can go through the roof and more opportunities can open for you.

If you are considering giving wholesaling a try, this episode is for you. Find out why it’s a better, easier, and more profitable option than doing traditional real estate work, discover the enticing benefits you stand to gain, and the effective method you can use to get your wholesaling efforts off to a good start.

Today’s episode is packed with amazing tips, insights, and wisdom so you better have a pen and paper handy!


Jul 12, 2018

Seasoned and neophyte wholesalers will surely agree on one thing—honesty and building rapport can get you far in the wholesaling world. And Stephen Akindona’s wholesaling journey is a testament to this.

Stephen has been involved in the real estate space for over 4 years now. However, it was only recently that he joined the tribe and tried wholesaling. Barely 2 months in, he’s already achieved something truly impressive—he has closed 6 wholesale deals and earned a total of $54, 000 in assignment fees!

While his success can be attributed to several factors, he’s been doing two things consistently: he builds rapport and is always upfront.

Regardless if you’re looking for your first deal or your nth one, you’ll surely benefit from the wisdom and insights shared in today’s episode. Plenty of gold nuggets and actionable tips to take note of so don’t miss it!


Jul 9, 2018

If you are new to the wholesaling business, it is likely that you have some misconceptions about it just like most people. For instance, some think they need to be a certain age or have to be well versed in real estate to succeed.

If anything, nothing can be farther from truth. And the wholesaling story of today’s guest is a testament to that.

Jordan Fenlason is a young entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina. The driven 19-year-old saw how real estate has given his dad not just passive income but also freedom to spend quality time with his family. He wanted to create the same reality for himself and that’s how he got into wholesaling.

If you want to try wholesaling but consider your age or lack of experience a hindrance, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode. Jordan was young and inexperienced when he first started but he was willing to talk to people and put in the hard work. And that has made a world of difference for him and his business!


Jul 5, 2018

In the real estate world, today’s special guest is in a league of his own. Some of his real estate accomplishments have been really impressive—he acquires 150 properties each year and has made a staggering $20M in sales off MLS. And that’s just for starters.

Nathan Brooks is a licensed realtor and a seasoned real estate investor with more than a decade of buying, selling, rehabbing, flipping, and real estate renting under his belt. The loving husband and doting dad is also the principal and partner of Kansas City’s leading turnkey real estate provider, Bridge Equity.

In today’s episode, he candidly shared wisdom, techniques, tips, and insights that have helped him dominate and thrive in an industry that’s exciting, volatile, and highly lucrative.

So have a pen and paper handy, get those distractions out of the way, and pay close attention. The information, knowledge, and inspiration you’ll get might just be what you need to propel your business to greater heights!


Jul 2, 2018

In today’s special episode, Brent Daniels interviewed Israel Ramirez, one of the youngest and most inspiring wholesalers in the industry.

While he’s only 20 years old, Israel already runs a lucrative wholesaling business—he has a cold caller, 2 acquisition guys, and a VA working for him. So far, he has already earned above a hundred grand in revenues with a whopping $130, 000 more in the pipeline. Talk about impressive and inspirational!

It is reassuring to know Israel started his wholesaling journey just like most people did. He didn’t have much growing up and he was hungry both literally and figuratively. He figured wholesaling can help him become financially independent. However, he also knew that for him to succeeed, he had to hustle. He also knew that he needs to be creative and focused and persistent.

If you are going through some tough times, if you’re in a place where you’re doubting yourself, or if your faith is currently shaky at best, today’s episode is for you. Israel’s story will teach you how his persistence, hustle, and focus helped him transcend seemingly insurmountable challenges. Who knows, it just might be the push you need to take your wholesaling business a notch higher!


Jun 28, 2018

Visionaries, wholesalers, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs often have one task they dread and avoid as much as possible—bookkeeping! This is not exactly surprising. At best, bookkeeping can be downright boring. However, the importance of bookkeeping in wholesaling (or any business for that matter) cannot be overstated.

For starters, bookkeeping can help you keep track of the key numbers that’s relevant to your business. The knowledge can help ensure you are able to make smarter decisions so you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.

To help you understand the significant role bookkeeping plays in your business, Tom talked to Dave Rice. He offers exceptional bookkeeping services for people in the real estate industry. If you’re still not convinced how important bookkeeping is, today’s discussion will surely change your mind!


Jun 25, 2018

To thrive in the wholesaling world, it is important to constantly be on the lookout for ways you can make bigger and better deals. Today’s guest never rested on his laurels and was rewarded accordingly.

Josh Stevens has been a tribe member for 2 years now. Recently, he became a part of a case study ran by rockstar rhino Todd Toback called Bigger Deals. Participants were taught how they can make more money without having to do additional deals.

Prior to joining the case study, Josh earned an average of $9, 000 to $10, 000 per deal. However, his recent deal has been nothing less than spectacular—he netted a little under $63, 000 in profits! That’s 6 times more than his usual average.

If you want to find out how Josh did it and how you can duplicate his success, don’t miss this episode. As an added bonus, Tom also dished out invaluable wholesaling tips and advice so make sure you have a pen and paper handy!


Jun 21, 2018

The wholesaling journey of this episode’s guest has been nothing short of monumental. He joined the tribe less than 2 weeks ago and he has already closed 2 deals and has 2 more waiting in the pipeline.

Sure, it might seem like he merely lucked out. However, once you listen to him narrate his story, you’ll realize it took more than just luck for him to make a killing in the wholesaling world.

Matt Lyerla is a steadfast rhino who works hard and is not afraid to take massive imperfect actions. While the Paducah, Kentucky native already has real estate experience running rental properties, he’s still finding his way around as far as wholesaling goes.

However, his story proves that lack of experience is never a hindrance to wholesaling success. If you are looking for that much needed inspiration to move forward with your wholesaling journey, this episode is for you!


Jun 18, 2018

For those who are new to wholesaling, the whole process can be overwhelming at first. And it’s totally understandable since you’ll have a lot of key considerations to take into account and decide on.

What list should you market to? What marketing strategy should you use? What do you do to ensure no prospect slips through the cracks?

To help you out and make things easy for you, Brent discussed in detail the 18 steps you need to take note of to win the wholesale game. After listening to today’s episode, you will not only gain a clearer understanding of the wholesaling process, you will also be able to effectively gauge your strong and weak points so you can master every level and dominate.

If you are ready to make your mark in the wholesaling world, consider this episode a must-listen!


Jun 14, 2018

Are you a neophyte wholesaler eager to find your first deal? Or are you a seasoned one who wants to get a step ahead of the pack? Whether you are the former or the latter, today’s episode can help you effectively (and easily!) achieve both objectives.

Today, we have the honor and privilege to pick the brains of Grant Wise, an audacious, innovative, and steadfast marketing strategist who has helped people find deals using Facebook Ads.

While he was born into a family who’s passionate and very much involved with real estate, his venture in the industry has not been smooth sailing. Fortunately, adversity has made him wiser. At 23, he launched his social media boot camp program and he has never looked back.

If you want to discover and try a unique and truly effective marketing strategy that will produce massive ROI (Grant earned $10, 800 in assignment fee for a Facebook Ad he spent less than $150 on) and take your wholesaling business to the top, this is one episode you just can’t miss!



Jun 11, 2018

Today’s guest has been involved with real estate for a few years already, doing fix and flips, building up his rental portfolio, and doing wholesaling. While he was able to find deals back then, he was oftentimes uncertain how to find the next one.

Fortunately, when he joined the tribe in December of 2017, he got access to a system he can use and was able to finally tap into expert guidance. His investment paid off big time as the ROI he got has been truly massive—a little over $60, 000!

Regardless if you’re still finding your first deal or your nth one, you’ll surely get a lot of wisdom and insights from this episode so make sure you don’t miss it!


Jun 7, 2018

While the wholesaling business has proven challenging for some, it has been quite easy for Stephanie Polydoroff. Sure, one can assume she’s just lucky but for Stephanie, her wholesaling success can be credited to two things—tenacity and consistency.

Although Stephanie got her real estate license way back in 2016, it wasn’t until February of 2017 when she decided to get into wholesaling full-time. And she has not looked back since then! After cutting off her safety net, she closed 5 deals within the first 2 months using the proactive approach which is talking to people (TTP).

If you’re still in the process of finding your first wholesaling deal, you just might find the inspiration to push forward in this episode so don’t miss it!



Jun 4, 2018

Are you considering hiring an acquisitions manager but unsure about the key considerations to keep in mind and how the process should go? Do you ever wonder if you are better off working with a partner? Are you taking your wholesaling business to greater heights by asking the right questions? Tom answers these questions and more in today’s second installment!

Today’s awesome episode is part 2 of a 2-part series and it will give you the special privilege to listen in as no less than Tom Krol himself dishes out expert wholesaling wisdom, insights, and advice.

While some of the advices Tom shares might seem unconventional and even counterintuitive, the fact that he’s one of the best in the wholesaling business is enough proof they work.

If you want to pick Tom’s brain and discover how he has become a force to be reckoned with in the wholesaling world, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!


May 31, 2018

Have you been putting in much time, effort, and resources in your wholesaling business but still not getting the results you are hoping for? Are you currently facing challenges related to wholesaling that you don’t know how to resolve? How do you gauge when you should deviate from the wholesaling SOPs that are in place? You’ll get an answer to these questions and more in today’s show!

Today’s special episode is part 1 of a 2-part series designed to help you determine where you currently are and how you can take your wholesaling business to the next level. If you’re not a member of the tribe yet, you’re in luck as today’s show will give you a glimpse of what a coaching call with Tom is like. In addition, you’ll also get step-by-step instructions on how to access an awesome new list you can tap into.

If you are looking for expert wholesaling guidance, insights, and advice, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!


May 28, 2018

Today’s phenomenal guest started wholesaling just January of this year. However, what makes his case unique is he does business in Florida while currently based in Bronx, New York.

While he has a partner in Florida who helps make things happen, his story is a testament to one of the most amazing wonders of wholesaling—you can successfully score wholesaling deals even if you live in another state, area, territory, or county.

Joaquin Rosario is a creative and determined wholesaling newbie. The newly married tribe member lost his corporate job in October of 2017. After hearing Tom on BiggerPockets, he decided to give wholesaling a go. Although it took 60 days before he found his first deal, the reward he got was well worth the wait.

If you are having difficulty finding your first deal, consider listening to today’s episode a must. You’ll surely learn a lot of wisdom and insights you can use in your own business. More importantly, you’ll also discover the power of the proactive approach and how you can make it work for you.



May 24, 2018

To say wholesaling is not for the faint of heart is an understatement. However, if you persist and keep pushing forward, the rewards are well worth it. And the wholesaling journey of today’s guest is a testament to that.

Mike Ireland Castanon is a steadfast wholesaling newbie from Houston, Texas. The husband and father of one had three deals fall through before he was able to close his first deal. Fortunately, the determined rhino never allowed those 3 failed deals to define him. He persisted and his efforts paid off big time.

If your wholesaling journey has been challenging so far, it would definitely help if you tune in and listen to Mike’s story. He’ll surely inspire you to endure and keep moving forward!


May 22, 2018

Today’s special guests joined the tribe just November of 2017 but they are already closing one deal after another. Since becoming tribe members, Fernando and Perscilla has already closed 6 deals.

How did they manage to pull a feat as awesome? The rockstar rhinos from Palm Bay, Florida don’t mess around when it comes to wholesaling—they are not afraid to take massive imperfect actions!

If you think you need to be an expert at wholesaling to succeed, think again. Today’s guests will surely change your mind. Listen in, pay close attention, and have a pen and paper handy. The couple dished plenty of insights and wisdom you need to take note of so you can steer your wholesaling business in the right direction.

May 17, 2018

Have you been doing wholesaling for sometime yet you’re still not getting the results you are hoping for? Oftentimes, it will all boil down to you neglecting vital components of wholesaling you should have paid close attention to.

In today’s special episode, wholesaling rockstar and TTP guy Brent Daniels will provide expert guidance so you can examine your business closely and determine the aspects you are awesome at and the aspects you need to improve on.

To make things easy for you, Brent will focus on 3 of the most fundamental components of your wholesaling business—sourcing (marketing and prospecting)conversion, and disposition.

In approximately 10 short minutes, Brent will help you identify what you are doing right and the areas you need to improve on. So listen in, take note, and it won’t be long until you are closing one deal after another and taking your wholesaling business through the roof!

May 14, 2018

Today’s special guest is a superstar in the wholesaling industry. Closing an average of 75 to 76 deals a month in the highly competitive Phoenix, Arizona market, there’s no denying he’s a force to be reckoned with in the wholesaling world.

While now a pillar in the industry, it’s reassuring to know Jamil Damji started out just like most people. When he closed his first deal, he had no experience, no money, and no real support.

What he had however was telemarketing skills and the willingness to take massive imperfect action. His boldness was rewarded accordingly and he walked away with $50, 000 in assignment fee!

From that first deal he closed in Calgary, Alberta, Jamil has truly come a long way. Today, he runs a lucrative disposition house with 30 full-time staff. However, he still banks on the same approach he used to score his first deal—talking to people.

If you don’t have money to spend on marketing and you have no idea how to get your wholesaling business off the ground, this episode is for you.

Find out how you can make the proactive approach work to your advantage, why it’s important to build amazing relationships with clients, and how you can still succeed without spending a single cent on marketing.

Jamil generously shared so many insights and wisdom in today’s episode. So sit down, take note, and be in the lookout for tips and techniques you can easily implement. Rest assured, it would only be a matter of time until you’ll also make a name for yourself in the competitive but very rewarding world of wholesaling!

May 10, 2018

If you’re a new wholesaler eager to close your first deal, you’ll surely love today’s episode. Our special guest has done something most wholesaling neophytes would love to accomplish—close a deal in a short amount of time.

Nate Hammond joined the tribe just this March. However, the Albany, Oregon native has already closed his first deal in just a little over 30 days.

So, how did he go about it? What challenges did he encounter and how did he resolve them? You’ll surely learn a lot of valuable wisdom and insights in today’s episode so make sure you tune in!

May 7, 2018

Do you have a chip on your shoulder that’s holding you down and hindering you from steering your wholesaling business in the right direction?

For Brent Daniels, it came in the form of 5 foreclosed homes, a divorce, and a $742, 000 debt. Fast-forward 8 years later and he now owns 5 properties, runs a very successful wholesaling business, and earns around $80 to $100K a month.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is true. And in today’s special episode, Brent will show you how he turned a desperate situation around and used the chip on his shoulder to work to his advantage.

Perhaps your current situation is not as dire as his once was or maybe you’re currently having it worse. Whatever the case may be, you can definitely use the knowledge, wisdom, and invaluable insights he so willingly shared in this episode.

Today’s show will be one you’ll listen to over and over again—when you need motivation, when you need inspiration, when you need that little push so you can turn your life around.

So have a pen and paper handy, give today’s episode your undivided attention, and prepare to be moved, inspired, and motivated!

May 3, 2018

Frans Calderon Lopez is a thriving wholesaler who calls Charleston, South Carolina home. He started his real estate journey in 2009. Even while employed full-time, he looked forward to the day he can quit his job and achieve financial freedom.

The sanguine Colombia native is now doing wholesaling full-time and is closing one deal after another. When he started wholesaling, Frans admitted he didn’t know a thing about it. However, he’s now totally thriving and is well on his way to achieving his dream of financial independence.

If you think wholesaling is something you can’t do or something you might not succeed at, today’s episode might just convince you otherwise. Also, make sure you have a pen and paper handy. You’ll have plenty of insights, wisdom, and practical advice to take note of in today’s episode!

Apr 30, 2018

Let’s set something straight: while wholesaling can seem easy and straightforward, it can also be challenging. In other words, you can’t expect deals to magically fall into your lap if you don’t put in the work and persevere.

It is reassuring to know however that once you get past the hurdles, challenges, and setbacks, you’ll realize it is one of the most fulfilling (not to mention financially rewarding) businesses you can get into.

Fortunately, today’s special guest is perseverance personified. Bryan Martineau is a hardworking and determined rhino from Salt Lake City, Utah. And while his wholesaling journey didn’t start out perfectly (he had the wrong mindset, his negotiation skills needed work, etc.), he persisted and made things happen.

Fast-forward a few months later and he has closed an astonishing 23 deals and made $350, 000 in assignment fees. Surely, it’s a massive payback only a few industries can rival.

If you’ve been doing wholesaling for months and still not getting the results you are looking for, consider listening to today’s episode a must. Bryan shared so many wisdom, insights, and inspiration that will surely help steer your wholesaling business in the right direction!

Apr 26, 2018

Most people who do wholesaling on the side exert half-hearted efforts because they have their 9 to 5 jobs to rely on. However, David Pupo is unlike most people.

The rockstar rhino from Orlando, Florida did something not many people had the guts to do—he quit his corporate job and went into wholesaling full-time. Even if he failed miserably during his first attempts, that didn’t stop him from giving wholesaling another go.

While not having a regular pay check coming in can be daunting, it has also given David the motivation to work harder and be more creative. And his efforts paid off big-time. To date, he was already able to close 17 deals and evidently has no plans of slowing down.

If you are torn between quitting your job to go into wholesaling full-time or staying in your comfort zone, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!

Apr 23, 2018

Are you a successful wholesaler who wants to give back and help others achieve the level of success you are enjoying? Do you want to inspire and help others through coaching but don’t know how to go about it effectively?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’ll surely love today’s special episode. Tom, Cody, and Joe will talk about the exciting and very fulfilling world of coaching and how you can use it to make a huge difference in the life of others.

What’s even more exciting is they will be holding a 3-day event where they’ll teach you everything you need to know about the coaching business. If coaching is something you are passionate about, this is one opportunity you can’t pass out on!

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